It’s time that littleBits started to play nicely with others …


So having carried out a number of experiments using the Romo I’ve decided that a more musical robot is needed, and that will require something more bespoke. So I’ve chosen Mindstorms as a starting place, but of course for the musical side, littleBits is ideal. Connecting the two will now be easy, because of the above.

Watching Survivors, the original series, and comparing it against the newer versions


I really liked the BBC remake of Survivors and I can just remember the original 1970’s series, so it was interesting to go back and watching the original again after all these years. It’s quite interesting to see the difference between the 1970’s series and the remake.

But not only that, there are massive differences between the two TV series and the Big Finish audio story which was released last year. The fact that all of these things are based on the same basic story is quite amazing.

The 1970’s and 2000’s TV stories have quite substantial differences in their story arcs. In the original 1970’s version Abby Grant only lasts the first season (because the actress was actually sacked from the series). In the remake the she lasts the entire story. In fact the remake is quite different in terms of it’s overall approach. It is more concerned with what caused the disease and has a whole different story around the drug company who created the virus in the first place. This part of the story just doesn’t exist in the original which is much more about people finding ways to subsist and create communities and develop farming methods, and then eventually establish trading a communication between settlements.

If you didn’t know that these stories were based on the same original you’d be forgiven for thinking they had anything to do with one another. Even so, I’ve enjoyed them both. I think it might be time to have a listen to the big finish dramatisation again, and then possibly even read the book.

If I do all that it might just satisfy my obsession with survivors. For now anyway.