So sad to hear about Steve Strange

How sad was yesterday’s news? I’d been listening to some of the new Visage stuff on spotify only recently and thinking it was quite good really. So it was a real shock to hear he’d passed away so young. I think he still had a lot of creativity left. Still had songs to sing, and music to make, so it really is our loss.

I think I have to listen to a lot of Visage now.

Loving Barcodas and finding out about bar codes


I do like the idea of made from things that don’t normally make music. Hence I like barcodas. The idea of making little snippets of music from bar codes is very appealing. To me anyway. The interesting thing, at least, interesting to me anyway is that different types of bar codes seem to have very different properties. So for instance, using bar codes taken from books, these all sound the same, at least the first few notes do. Bar codes taken from cereal boxes are quite different.

So I had a little idea for a barcodas project that I think I’m going to try out soon.

Workflow App Updated

This is an already excellent app. I seem to use it almost daily. Now in version 1.1 the developers have made it even better.

Here are a few of the things that have been added:

  • Duplicate workflows to make your own versions
  • Record Audio
  • Post to Tumblr
  • Add to Pocket
  • Add to Instapaper
  • Create Day One Entry
  • Make Video from GIF

Also they’ve said that more is coming soon, including syncing workflows between devices.