Awaiting the new album from Portico

I really them as the Portico Quartet too. In fact I saw them live a couple of times, first at WOMAD a few years ago and then at the Roundhouse too. The WOMAD gig was actually amazing. They played for an hour in the big red tent and I thought the sound was incredible. I’d never really heard them before, but after WOMAD I was hooked. So I went along to see them at the Roundhouse, and sadly was a bit disappointed by that performance.

So when I heard that they were playing over at Rough Trade East and had a new album coming out I was intrigued. Also, it seems that they’re no longer the Portico Quartet, but now just Portico. I’ve been listening to their new tracks on Spotify for a while and I’m getting quite into them. It’s different from the old sound although I think that there are traces of it there, but I do like it.

So I’m going along tomorrow to see what it’s like and grab a copy of the album too. I’ll post some thoughts and pictures if I get any good ones.

Big Finish have they’re Doctor Who licence extended to 2020

Which is excellent news from a selfish perspective in the main. I’m just really pleased to know that they’re going to continue to make excellent stories for Doctor Who. I think that they probably make the best stories around right now and I’d really like that to continue.

Pebble Time is now funded

Well that was a very impressive campaign, especially with the Apple Watch right on its heels, it raised even more money than the first Pebble watch too. I’m especially interested in seeing where their smartStraps initiative leads. I think that it’s a great idea to make the watch strap itself a more responsive and useful part of the device.

Really looking forward to Martin Gore’s new album


It’s a while to wait though. It isn’t coming out until April the 27th. I got the single though, and I really like it. It’s a move on from his previous solo work, and it feels very considered and thoughtful. I hope that the rest of the album has the same feel to it. If it does it’ll be amazing. I’m really looking forward to it anyway. I just wish it was coming sooner.