Goodbye 2021

For the most part it has been a horrible year and one that I am glad to see the back of. I thought that 2020 was bad, but 2021 managed to be worse. In some ways I want to think that 2022 will be better, but I think I am learning to have low expectations, and then lower my expectations further. That seems to be the best strategy.

So goodbye 2021, you were crap.

An evolving workflow

As you probably know I’m a keen iOS user and always looking for ways to improve my workflow for ideas, things to investigate
and make both my online and offline life simpler. For a little while I’ve been using instapaper to hold blog posts and pages that
I want to spend a bit more time with. I’m not sure what it is about instapaper exactly that makes it simple to work through material, but it does work. On thing I haven’t done as yet is it to share stuff. I’ll have to get into that next I think.