Happy Christmas from me

I’ve been meaning to say Happy Christmas. As today is Christmas Eve it feels like a good time to do that. So, to everyone who’s been a regular reader here and at the previous .com site too, thanks so much and a very happ Christmas to you. Thanks for reading, and, on rare occasion, commenting too.

Doctor Who Short Trips … Black Dog

The Black Dog
The Black Dog

I’ve been meaning to sample a few of the Big Finish ‘short trips’ stories, but haven’t got around to it as yet. So when this one came out yesterday I decided that it was an idea time to start. It’s only just over 30 minutes long so I’m not expecting a detailed story, but it could be fun.

Good luck Intermorphic

I really liked this post from Intermorphic about what they’ve been doing this year and what they have planned for 2016. I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years now. In fact, probably approaching 10 years now. I’ve seen them go through several iterations and still keep going. I hope that they keep flying the flag for generative music for many years to come.

Good luck guys.