3rd Doctor … The Mind of Evil

Doctor Who The Mind of Evil
Doctor Who The Mind of Evil

This is a great old story 3rd Doctor story. An excellent performance from Roger Delgado and of course from Mr Pertwee himself. I really liked this story and it has been restored beautifully as well.

This version comes on 2 discs. The second disc has some really good extras on it and some very interesting revelations about how the production was put together and the issues that it faced.

The restoration job on the series was really good, both picture and audio. I have to say I was very impressed with it.

I’d seen this story on TV in the not too distant past so it wasn’t totally new to me, but it was good to see it nevertheless.

Mick Karn’s Titles, on vinyl

Mick Karn, Titles
Mick Karn, Titles

I do think about Mick Karn’s music around this time of year. I think it’s good to remember him, and that’s one of the reasons I thought I’d buy his album Titles again, but this time on vinyl.

I do like vinyl. Originally I had Titles on cassette and not vinyl. Of course now I have it digitally, which seems like a bit of a shame.

You have to love something like Serendipity

I can’t think why I really like this, but I do. I think it’s a lovely thing, but I really don’t know why. It doesn’t fit my ideas of utility at all. If you’ve no idea about what I’m talking about, then you should know that Serendipity is an app built on Spotify’s API which shows where two people are playing the same song at the same time anywhere in the world. It is quite amazing to watch, but, as far as I can tell it has no real purpose. Not that it needs it though.