Field recording: The train to London pulls away as someone drags a large suitcase down the stair and I don’t help

Really this was just a test recording but I like the sound of the train pulling away.

And another thing from PalmSounds: Favourite posts (at PalmSounds) in 2015

Another cross post from PalmSounds, my favourite posts from PalmSounds in 2015. Some really good stuff in here if you’re interested in mobile music that is. If you’re not, well then, just move along, there’ll be something else interesting later!

Something from PalmSounds: 24 devices that were important to me for mobile music

I thought I’d post a link to this post at PalmSounds as it is as appropriate here as it is there. All of these devices are still important to me and if anything I think they’ll be even more important in 2016. I hope you like the post if you read it.