I got a copy of the newer version of True Grit

The new version of True Grit
The new version of True Grit

I have seen this before. I didn’t like it though. I never felt it worked very well and I wasn’t sure of Jeff Bridges’ performance at all. But after seeing the original I wanted to see it again, just to be sure of what I’d made of it originally. I found this copy on eBay for £0.50 so I thought it probably wasn’t too much of a cost to see the film again.

I’ll get to watch it in the next few weeks, and when I do I’ll post some thoughts and comparison type stuff.


Laurie Anderson to be the guest director of the Brighton Festival

This is great news. Usually she’s part of things that are away in the states and I have no chance of seeing them, but Brighton is really quite accessible for me. So I think this is a distinct possibility for getting along to some of the events.

The news from Nonsuch is here, and the Brighton Festival site is here.

Looks like there’s another module coming from Olegtron

Having got the first module for the Olegtron it seems that there’s more to come in the not too distant future as well. Apparently there’s a PWM module (pulse width modulation) coming as well. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that, and I’ll let you know when it’s available.