Recho hasn’t worked for me, but why?

I had some high hopes for Recho, but as I was sort of spring cleaning apps from my iPhone the other day I noticed it and realised that I hadn’t used it in any way at all for months and month. So I had a look at the Recho web site and it’s still there and still going it seems. But every time I tried it even in London I couldn’t find very many sounds or stories or anything that had been left.

So I wondered if in fact it hadn’t been a big success in the UK? Maybe.

Is it worth giving it more of a go? I don’t know. Perhaps I should try again? Perhaps if I try it now I’ll find more stuff in London? I think it might be worth trying again, even for a few days, just to see if there’s more content and it might be fun.

A field recording to start 2016

I said that I’d try again to create a sound diary of sorts, so here’s a start. I doubt I’ll manage to do this on a daily basis, but maybe weekly will work. So this is my first attempt at a start for 2016. I may post more than one per week, maybe not. We’ll see.

This was recorded in a local park. Very quite although you can hear a plane going over and cars occasionally too. It felt quite though.

It was recorded with my new Zoom h2n.

I will be posting pictures that make me happy

I was looking at old photos as one does at the beginning of a new year, and I thought it might be nice to post some of these every now and then, possibly daily. Pictures that remind me of good times. Pictures that make me smile, make me happy. Stuff I think will be good to share and might make you smile too. So expect pictures regularly, or occasionally. It’ll depend you know.