Seeing the Pukes at Under the Bridge

The Pukes at Under The Bridge
The Pukes at Under The Bridge
The Pukes at Under The Bridge
The Pukes at Under The Bridge

This was last Sunday at Under the Bridge in Fulham. A really nice venue, I’ve always liked going there for gigs. This is one I went to last year as well. The same venue, the same line up, and close to the same date too.

I do enjoy the Pukes, I’ve never listened to their stuff except for live, so this year I’m going to try something different and listen to their recorded stuff to.

Watching Ascension

I more or less stumbled upon the mini series, but I thought that it was a great idea and a brilliant execution of that idea as well. I didn’t realise that they hadn’t been funded for more than a single series. It’s a shame as it didn’t really have a proper ending. I think it could have done really well.

Sadly we’ll never know unless somehow the series gets picked up again.

Falling Skies Season 5

After a long time I’ve come back to this series. It was quite entertaining after the first series. I’ve been watching series five for a while and it isn’t bad. A few story turns that I just didn’t really get and that seemed pointless in a way. Aside from that it’s been good. Even though it appears to be the series that brings the whole thing to a final conclusion.

So it’s good. It’s been enjoyable on the whole, and, unlike other TV science fiction series, it has come to an end, and I like that a lot.

Tydlig updated but still no save

Which is a real shame in my view. I mean, I understand that it isn’t always easy to give users what they want, but this is a feature that I think would make this app so much better, so much more usable. So why not add it? I’m not sure I understand this at all.

I might even have to find myself another calculator app that does what I want it to do. I’d rather not, but what else can I do?