Ok, so I’ve listened to Playing the Schoolhouse now

David Sylvian's Playing the Schoolhouse - Inside
David Sylvian’s Playing the Schoolhouse – Inside

So I bought it, I’ve got it, I’ve listened to it. It’s about 15 minutes long, it’s only one track and that’s it.

So what did I think? Well it certainly isn’t the best thing by Mr Sylvian that I’ve heard. Calling it music might even be a stretch. I think it is more appropriate to say it is sound art. Treated as such I’m assuming that it may have been more interesting to watch it live than to hear it as a recording.

Having said that, there were moments where it was interesting. In some ways it isn’t too different from listening to “When Loud Weather Buffeted”, which I have enjoyed. All in all I can say that I’m glad that I got this on the second run from the label rather than trying to get hold of an 1st run copy from eBay, some of which were going for over £100.

Will I be listening to it a lot? No, I don’t think so, or at least I can’t see that happening.

I do hope that he does some more even slightly accessible music at some point soon. That would be most welcome. However, sadly, I think it is unlikely.

I can’t believe that the Kane Gang replied to me on Twitter 

I nearly missed it but found their tweet this morning letting me know that the song of theirs that I love so much “Crease in his hat” is on iTunes, and Amazon, and, after a tiny bit of looking, it’s on Spotify too. All of which is brilliant.

The best thing was that they got in touch with me at all. It reminds me of how different things are these days. There was a time when it was really difficult to get in touch with bands or musicians you liked. These days they get in touch with you!