Getting going with ThinkDB

ThinkDB2.5 is a very old piece of software. I think I’d lost my registration for this old Palm OS app, but I managed to find away around that. Even though this is an old app that doesn’t mean it isn’t any use, in fact, quite the contrary. As a little database app for Palm OS it is very functional indeed. To the extent that it even has a plug in architecture, although I haven’t quite remembered how to get that going as yet.

I’m slowly remembering why the Palm was such a great platform. Who knows, I might even go back to it!

InGladAloness released on the 20th

New material from Dali’s Car is being released on the 20th of February. I’m really looking forward to the release, especially as it was the last music made by Mick Karn. So I’ve ordered my copy already.

Seems like there’ll be lots of new music this month.

Looking forward to Concretedog’s new album

It’s due out this Sunday and I just know it’ll be amazing. I’ve heard snippets and they’re great. If you don’t know Concretedog’s material, his music and hand made instruments you should take a look at his blog.

You won’t be disappointed.