Notation on the Palm

miniMusic’s NotePad app for the Palm OS. One of the first mobile music making apps I ever used. Still amazing, with their KriKit audio engine inside.

New headphones

Well it didn’t take too long to get a new pair of headphones sorted out. I haven’t had long to try these out, but they seem pretty good so far, and the mic / remote is excellent and a big improvement on my last pair.


I still love this app on my iPad, even though the strange agency has 3 Curtis apps now, and I like them all of course, but the iPad version is very nice indeed, and in some ways easier to use than even MegaCurtis, which I believe is also coming to the iPad.

Curtis for iPad - The Strange Agency LLC

Hearing from an old friend

I was listening to an old track that I’d made with a friend a long time ago. It’s something I was really proud of. Something that I think really stands the test of time. I hadn’t heard from him in a couple of years so I sent him a text and got a really quick reply, and it looks like we’ll be meeting up in the not too distant future. That made my day.


When Brian Eno’s Bloom app came out it caused a stir. I guess that people didn’t expect there to be something like that for a mobile platform from someone as significant as Eno. Personally I thought it sent a very clear signal as to how important mobile was, and that was great news.

Even though these apps (Bloom, Air, Trope) haven’t had many updates I still like them. I still find them interesting to listen to and play with, and I’m glad that Eno did them. I hope he’ll do something more in the mobile space, something really innovative, but if he does I expect it will be quite unexpected.

App revisit: Randgrid

This app is one that hasn’t seen an update in years I think. It’s one of the original synth / drum machine apps, and whilst the interface isn’t great, especially by today’s standards, it has a nice randomise function to it which can be quite fun to play with.

So I think it can stay on my music iPhone 3G.

Randgrid synthesizer and drum machine - Retrolink HB

Problems with comments

I briefly turned the comments back on here a while back only to receive a flood of spam comments. So I’ve turned them off again. This is a bit of a problem as things aren’t very interactive really.

So instead you can always talk to me on twitter or even facebook if you want to. I suppose I’ll eventually figure out a good way of sorting out the comment spam, but to give you an idea of the ratio, there have been roughly 600 comments, or which less than 50 are not spam.

Lost Microbes …

I posted this picture on instagram yesterday. I was having a great time playing with Microbe on my old Treo 650. Then suddenly, all the files disappeared. Which was a bit of a shame as I hadn’t played any of them for ages, and one or two I thought were actually worth saving.

I’ve no idea if anything can be done to recover them, I guess I’ll have to have a nose around the old forum to see if there’s anything there that helps. If not, well, that’s a shame.