Avengers Assemble

So I went to see Avengers Assemble. It was awesome! What more is there to say? Well, for a start, it was a lot better than I was expecting. I didn’t think it would be nearly as good as it was. It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be too. But then it was directed by Joss Whedon, who is pretty good at that kind of thing. He’s only done one film before, Serenity, but that was an excellent film.

So I was impressed, and I really hope they do another one.

Impressions of Netflix so far

I’ve been using netflix on a month’s trial for just over a week now. It is useful, it is cheap for unlimited streamed video for £5.99 a month, but the big drawback is the quality and the consistency of the service. Sometimes it is just unwatchable. The picture quality can be terrible at times and then it just cuts out altogether, sometimes for several minutes at a time.

So, whilst it is fine for just catching up on shows on a small screen, like an iPad, I just wouldn’t use it on the big screen as I don’t think it would be watchable. So whilst I think it’s a handy service for catching up on things that I’ve missed, I can’t see it as being more than that until the quality improves radically.

As for the amount of material available, well, it isn’t wonderful to be honest. There are plenty of things I was hoping to find on here that aren’t, which is a shame, but maybe as it gains users in the UK it’ll improve.

The Menagerie (Star Trek: The Original Series)

I recently watched The Menagerie (Star Trek: The Original Series). I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but it’s great to see it again, an interesting way of using the original first pilot episode in the actual series. I know it’s old, but it’s a good story and it has some interesting ideas too.

I have to say I’m enjoying seeing these old episodes again.

V, the original mini-series

I thought I’d give this a little look and see what it was like. I can remember watching the original series and it being amazing, so I thought I’d check if my memory was completely coloured by the 80’s. It was. V the mini-series is pretty bad by today’s standards. I’m sure that back in the 80’s we may have found it an amazing TV event, and it probably was, but by today’s standards it seems hard to comprehend.

I’m not entirely sure I can keep watching it really, but we’ll see.

Almost at the end of my Spotify trial

So, I’m getting to the end of my trial period and starting to wonder about whether to continue with the premium service or not. I have to admit that it’s very useful to have playlists on my iPhone. I haven’t particularly made use of SPAPPS so far, with the exception of the Last.fm app which is quite handy too.

So, is it worth the money? That’s the big question right.

Monotron cases

My new Monotron cases arrived and they’re lovely. I always like cases for things, especially little cases and it doesn’t get much littler than a monotron really.

Hyperspace 3D

Another app from the incredible Strange Agency. I’ve only had a brief amount of time to play with it, and it is fun so far, but not as initially impressive as MegaCurtis was when I first got that.

And, for the record. My favourite app from them is still Donut. Hands down.