Romo won’t work, not here anyway

Well, after lots of tinkering around I couldn’t get the Romo to work at all. I decided that the only thing left to do was to try support. I found out that the Romo has problems in the EU due to volume restrictions on smartphones. Apparently the people at Romotive at looking at a new board and firmware to fix the problem. So not insignificant at all.

That’s a shame. I was look forward to having some fun with this.

Older Music Apps / Games for iPods

I’m still quite surprised that Apple still sell the iPod Classic. I’m sure that there’s still a market for them, but, like many people I thought that Apple would discontinue them. Apple did dabble for a little while with a form of ‘apps’ for the iPod, although these were just games really and there were never a huge number of them either.

Of the ones there were a handful were music games, and I think I bought most of these whilst they were available. So I decided to go back and play some of these to see if they were any good, as I never really got into gaming. So expect a few pictures and write ups of music based games from a few years ago.

App revisit: Surface DJ

Another early iOS app that didn’t get maintained and just fell by the wayside. It was a shame really as it had potential and others have built on the concepts. It would have been great if it allowed you to bring your own samples in, but it was around before that functionality was available in iOS. Never mind, a nice use of the device in it’s day.

App revisit: IR-909

I was going to delete this little drum machine but decided to give it a quick play first, and I really liked it, so it stays on the music 3G for now, along with the other 300 odd music apps on there, which is almost certainly too many!