Finding something interesting to do with LiveView

Ok, I’ve been tinkering with the LiveView and to be honest, whilst it is interesting and it does demonstrate that the whole smartwatch thing has moved on since the Fossil Palm OS watch, I don’t have a real use for it in it’s current form.

I guess the main problem with it is that it doesn’t work with my iPhone, but also because the screen isn’t really designed to show very much information and isn’t too useful. My guess is that the next version will be better. From what I’ve seen so far the screen is much nicer and the device is a lot thinner too.

Having said that I’ve already decided to get a Pebble smartwatch and I think that will have moved the technology forward, and also, the Pebble will work with iOS, which is a big plus for me.

LiveView controlling music

So, I got it to do something slightly useful now. It can play music, although it has seemed a little random so far and control isn’t brilliant. It’s a step in the right direction though.

4th Doctor: The Energy of the Daleks

Another great simple and straightforward story for the 4th doctor who. I did enjoy it. But I think the thing that I find with these 4th Doctor stories to date is that they’re too short. I’m used to the 4th Doctor having stories which run for at least 4 episodes, and so, an hour long story is just a bit too short for me.

I’d like some of these stories to go to 2 or 3 CDs to get some more depth into the stories. Maybe they’ll do it sooner or later. The Hornet’s nest stories were very good for that, each being 5 hours long. Anyway, I’m glad that the 4th Doctor is making audio stories again.

LiveView watch case

So I finally got the case thing going for the liveview. It isn’t too bad either. Certainly compared to the old Fossil Palm watches anyway, which were more like having a small brick on your wrist.

Anyway, this watch is much better as the watch part is just a clip on back for the device so you can take it out and use it however you want. Good idea really.

Happy Birthday ZX Spectrum

The dear old Speccy is 30 today. Who could believe that! Amazing isn’t it? I think I should celebrate with some ZX Goodness today. I’ll see what I can come up with and post something more later perhaps.