techBASIC 2.0

I only just found out about this universal app. It looks really amazing as a BASIC programming environment, but most interesting of all is how it integrates with HiJack, which has grabbed my attention.

The app isn’t cheap though at £10.49, and the HiJack is $79 too, so I’m not diving in straight away, at least not for the HiJack. The app looks good though.

techBASIC - Byte Works, Inc.

Classic Trek: The Enemy Within

This is a fantastic episode from the original series. A great idea and a superb opportunity for Mr Shatner to play both sides and have a load of fun with it.

I’m really enjoying the original series, it’s a great to see these old stories.

Yep, I decided to fun the Pebble

I mentioned this the other day. A great idea and a massive response via kickstarter. I’ve joined in too now, so I look forward to September and getting a Pebble in the post.

App revisit: Euno Synth

This was a great idea for a synth app, and had a very clean interface, but it was really hard to get to grips with it. By the time you’d set the synth controls and moved to the keys page you couldn’t tell what the sound would be like. It didn’t make sense from there really.

It was a shame really. It hasn’t seen an update for a long time now either.