The last work from Mick Karn and Dalis Car. I got my copy today. It’s signed by Steve Jansen. I’m really looking forward to listening to it.

More Processing in iOS

Another app for Processing js on iOS. This is a really nice app actually. I put in a little sketch and it ran it like a dream. Also, the editor is very user friendly indeed, which makes a massive difference on an iPhone.

App revisit: Studio App

Whilst I think this is a worthwhile app and has some really nice features I already have a bunch of things that do much the same on my 3G device, so it won’t be staying sadly. But it is a good app and has a simple interface too.

Those click wheel games …

I’m going to try out playing some of these to see what they’re like again. I know there were a few more than this and that now they’re all gone, which is a shame really.

The one I’m really interested in is Song Summoner, which I never got to grips with when it first came out.

SomaFM: Underground 80s

I started listening to this station just the other day, and it is wonderful, and terrible, all at the same time. It feeds my obsession with the 80’s sound, and delivers up songs that I hadn’t heard before, ones I’d long forgotten, and some that I wish I could forget too.

What a great little station. Long may it last.

App revisit: Looptastic Electro

I really love Looptastic Producer, and this is an earlier version of the app with no ability to add in samples or loops in any way. Which makes it kind of limited really, but it’s been fun to play with again, although I won’t be keeping it on my 3G.