The British Design Exhibition at the V&A

I heard about this a few weeks ago and was attracted to it because of the stuff connected to Factory Records, but actually there was loads more there. In fact there’s almost too much in this exhibition, and not enough, it that makes any sense at all.

It almost leaves you wanting lots more in every category. I loved the mini, but then wanted to see a load more vintage and classic cars, and the Jag was great I have to admit. The games stuff and the ZX Spectrum just fueled my craving for a Speccy and a ZX81.

I can see myself visiting this exhibition again in a few weeks as there’s too much to take in with one visit. But it’s well worth a look as is the V&A as a whole.

More Processing on the iPad

After being a little disappointed by the first Processing app for iOS I found this one, called PR0C0DIN6, which seems to have a lot more possibilities, and the editor is much simpler to use. So I’ll let you know soon how this one works out.

If you want to check it out on the app store it costs £2.99, which I didn’t think is too bad as it’s a universal app.

PR0C0D1N6 - Michael Markert

App revisit: Oscilloscoop

Another app that’s gone from my 3G. Oscilloscoop is great fun to play around with and very cool visual concept, but didn’t really progress on from there. I think it had potential, but it didn’t develop. Never mind.