New Mixtikl interface

Software that I have enjoyed for quite a few years now in various guises and on various platforms. The latest version of the interface is big step forward, and the app, well, as far as making music goes it is amazing, there’s nothing more that can be said about it really.

Tabletop 1.4

Just a quick mention of the latest version of Tabletop. It’s awesome. That’s all.

The Retronyms are amazing, their work just gets better and better.

Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The Foe from the Future

I’ve posted about this story before, but I’ve only just finished it so I thought I’d write something about it again. It’s always good to listen to Doctor Who, at least it is in my book anyway, and this was a great story, in true 4th doctor style.

It’s also great to hear a story that doesn’t feel hurried. Foe from the Future is around 3 hours long, compared to the hour or so the new TV stories get. An hour just doesn’t feel like enough to establish characters and plot and get everything done, whereas 3 hours feels like plenty of time to get things moving at the right pace and to gradually pick up speed for the climax of the story.

I really enjoyed this one, and I’m looking forward to finishing off the box set, hopefully a little this weekend.


From Pixelh8, a ZXSynth. An excellent way to celebrate 30 years of ZX.

Star Trek: Mudd’s Women

Another totally classic episode from the original series. I watched this one last night, and it was great! Interesting to see how some scenes have been remastered and enhanced, like the shots of the ship.