Pebble looking amazing

Amazing to see that Pebble has been funded to over $3m from an initial request of just $100,000. I have to admit that it is an amazing idea and if it is as expected then it will be a major step forward for smart watches.

What’s especially interesting is the possibility of an SDK that could be used to make the Pebble do more, and possible control music software on an iPhone.

I guess it’s just a question of time to find out what people end up making with it.

Appollo 18

This film was on my watch list for a long time, as I thought the trailer was quite interesting and the idea was intriguing. The actual film is ok so far, but not brilliant, and not entirely gripping. The story was quite predictable and you really could see what was coming from afar. It’s a shame really, as the story had some potential, but I think that the makers concentrated a little too much on the documentary style of the film and not enough on giving the story a little more edge to it.

Still. Another film to cross off my list.