Remembering Fad Gadget

I can’t believe it was 10 years ago Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget passed away. My favourite track of his, “King of the Flies”. Excellent music.

Daphne Oram – Private Dreams and Public Nightmares

I think that this is one of the most interesting and mesmerizing albums I’ve listened to in ages. Inspiring and difficult at the same time. It’s great to listen to while working, but also strangely distracting at times.

I’m tentative about recommending it as I know it won’t appeal to many people, but it will appeal to some, who’ll love it.

Private Dreams and Public Nightmares - Daphne Oram, Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle

Generator by Keith Fullerton Whitman

I’ve listened to this album a few times now and I’ve really enjoyed it each time. It’s a good album to work to. I enjoy how it builds and develops and how the pieces fit together.

I bought the album after reading an interview with him in The Wire which was really interesting.

Generator - Keith Fullerton Whitman