And PalmSounds was 11


Which is kind of a big deal really. 11 years is a long time to have been running a site, any site in fact.

It’s not the big milestone that 10 was, but I think it’s still important.

Going back to Day One (Classic) because Day One 2 just doesn’t work

After a few days of using the latest version of Day One (the journal app), I’ve decided that I just doing like the big update. Version 2.0 just doesn’t work for me at all. I was really looking forward to the new version of this app, but it really hasn’t worked out for me. As far as I can tell there isn’t enough in the new version that actually worth me using to make it worth switching over completely.

I’m not using multiple journals, I thought I might but in the end couldn’t think of a use for it. The only other thing I thought would be really good was the ability to add multiple photos. Well even that isn’t big enough to put up with all the down sides from version 2.0.

I thought I’d be impressed, but sadly I haven’t been at all. The worst thing was the widget, which was completely ruined. Version 2 had a widget that was just pointless and boring.

All I can say is how disappointed I’ve been with this whole thing. It was built up to be an amazing update, a new app, and I paid for it again only to find out I’d spent money on something that was a massive backward step. Perhaps it will change. Perhaps it will get better, but until I see some evidence of that I’m going back to Classic even though I know that won’t get updated and will very quickly become abandonware.

It is nothing but a very sad state of affairs that a developer makes you pay for something that is this poor.

Getting to grips with Editorial workflows 

I’ve been using Editorial for a while now and never really got to grips with using the workflow functionality in it. That is up until now. I found an actual use for workflows. I won’t bore you with what I’m using workflows for, but I’ve start using it in some very simple ways. Just using simple dialogues and markdown to record information.

It works. It saves me time, and it’s useful. That’s a good combination as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to find new ways to make use of Editorial’s workflow as it has loads of capabilities, and as yet I’m just scratching the surface of what it can do.

So, hopefully you’ll be hearing more about my use of Editorial workflows in the not too distant future. Who knows, I may even share a few!

WordPress Post A Day 2011

I read about this initiative this morning and thought that it was something I’d probably be able to do without too much trouble.

I usually post every day anyway, so being a part of this shouldn’t be a big problem. Having said that I think that postaday2011 and postaweek2011 are good initiatives in their own right. I think that people should be encouraged to write me and to express themselves on a more regular basis, and if blogging is a part of that then so much the better.


I’ve been thinking about putting a couple of other projects onto platforms I’ve never tried before. I use WordPress for this blog, and blogger for other stuff, but I’ve never tried things like hubpages or Devhub before and was wondering about trying them out for stuff.

It seems to me though that you can end up with a really scatter gun approach to your content on the web, which isn’t really very useful at all. And do some of these platforms actually work at all for your content? They make lots of claims about you getting money for your content and that sort of thing, but I remain skeptical about them.

Perhaps I need to move on and actually try them out first.