Going back to Day One (Classic) because Day One 2 just doesn’t work

After a few days of using the latest version of Day One (the journal app), I’ve decided that I just doing like the big update. Version 2.0 just doesn’t work for me at all. I was really looking forward to the new version of this app, but it really hasn’t worked out for me. As far as I can tell there isn’t enough in the new version that actually worth me using to make it worth switching over completely.

I’m not using multiple journals, I thought I might but in the end couldn’t think of a use for it. The only other thing I thought would be really good was the ability to add multiple photos. Well even that isn’t big enough to put up with all the down sides from version 2.0.

I thought I’d be impressed, but sadly I haven’t been at all. The worst thing was the widget, which was completely ruined. Version 2 had a widget that was just pointless and boring.

All I can say is how disappointed I’ve been with this whole thing. It was built up to be an amazing update, a new app, and I paid for it again only to find out I’d spent money on something that was a massive backward step. Perhaps it will change. Perhaps it will get better, but until I see some evidence of that I’m going back to Classic even though I know that won’t get updated and will very quickly become abandonware.

It is nothing but a very sad state of affairs that a developer makes you pay for something that is this poor.

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