Enjoying a (not so) quiet night in

Olegtron and components
Olegtron and components

The more I use this little machine the more I enjoy it, and the more I think that it has some truly amazing possibilities to it. In the session I had with it tonight I managed to get what sounded like a whole track from it. It was amazing. I’m in the process of putting the samples up now. Actually, I’ve just finished.

I’ll post them here too just in case, but they’re on my SoundCloud pages if you want them.

I’ve been meaning to grab these samples for ages now

A set of samples from the Victoria line, well I have to do something with those right. Of course I do. I’ve been meaning to grab them for ages and ages, and now I’ve finally downloaded them. So I’ll make something with them soon. If you want to grab them yourself then you can find them here.