Doctor Who, The Feast of Axos

Doctor Who The Feast of Axos
Doctor Who The Feast of Axos

I got this on sale at Big Finish, and, as I do quite like Colin Baker’s audio stories I thought it would be a good one. To be fair it isn’t bad at all, it’s ok. It’s part of the main range, which is about 200 stories. The main range is where I found Big Finish, with the first few Paul McGann stories. I keep meaning to go back to the main range and see what I should get.

I must do that soon.

Some early thoughts on Day One 2

I mentioned that I was probably going to upgrade to the latest version of Day One. Well I did. So far, it’s ok. The interface is very similar and has some things that are improved, like for example, being able to add more than one photo per entry. That’s good. I like that.

I thought I might make use of the multiple journals functionality, but so far I can’t think of a single way to use it. Perhaps I will in the future, but for now, as far as I can see, tags do the job just as well.

The only real down side for me was the widget. The previous Day One app had a great widget, which allowed you to see a lot of data and also showed photos of either a month ago and a year ago, or random photos. However, Day One 2 doesn’t provide anything like that, and it’s a big loss. Apparently, according to the developer, this is coming in another release. I hope it is, because so far this has been a big backward step.

Watching Predestination

I’ve been meaning to see this film for quite some time, but just never got around to it. Also, a few people have said that they didn’t like it or didn’t rate it, or had similar views. So I kind of put it off as my expectations of it dropped over time. I remember seeing the trailer for it and thinking it would be very good, but didn’t get to the cinema to see it.

Anyway, finally I’ve watched it, and I really enjoyed it actually. I didn’t expect to for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, but I thought that the story was good. I got me thinking a bit anyway.