And that was the Big Finish March madness

There were some good offers, but in the end I only went for one, which is fine, I didn’t end up having to break the bank. I hope that they do more stuff like this though. They have some great stories and series. I’d like to see them do some other new stuff of course, like UFO, like Space 1999. That would be brilliant, well it would be in my opinion anyway.

I finished listening to Infernal Devices

The War Doctor, Infernal Devices
The War Doctor, Infernal Devices

And I really enjoyed it, enjoyed it a lot. It was a little disjointed in terms of the connection between the three stories. Even so, they were all good in their own right, each story that is. And it was a good follow on from the first story too. The cast was excellent to say the least and it was really great to hear David Warner in there with Mr Hurt.

In fact, the first story was quite unusual for a Dr Who story. I shan’t elaborate as it would really give the game away, but it revolved around David Warner’s character.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear the next set of stories in the series.