App Inventor getting updated

I haven’t used Android App Inventor in age, so when I got an email from MIT telling me about what they’re doing with it, it came as quite a nice surprise, especially as they’ve got new stuff planned for it, such as …

  • Better support for multiple screen sizes and densities (responsive design).
  • The Backpack provides a way to copy and paste blocks between screens.
  • The App Inventor Gallery lets you exhibit and share your apps for collaboration and remixing.
  • App Inventor Services (coming soon) lets you create apps that can run in the background.
  • App Inventor Extensions (coming soon) let advanced users augment App Inventor’s capabilities without limitation by
  • creating and sharing new components.
  • The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) component lets you build apps that control BLE devices, and experiment with mobile apps and the Internet of Things

All of which will be quite interesting to have a play with. The other cool thing in their email was Thunkable. Which is a version of App Inventor which is run by a commercial outfit. I think I might have a try of that soon.

Now is probably a good time to get back to trying out App Inventor anyway. I did play with it a long time ago, with a view to seeing if it could be used for audio apps, but really it couldn’t. I wonder if any of the new features coming to it will help with that?