Seeing Louis Andriessen at the Barbican

Louis Andriessen at the Barbican
Louis Andriessen at the Barbican

I’ve liked the music of Louis Andriessen for some time. Years probably, and I haven’t heard any of his music performed in a very long time, so when the opportunity came to get tickets to this at the Barbican, and at an amazingly reasonable price too (thanks Sound and Music) then it was to be jumped at.  Two of the pieces were premieres too, which was was of course great to hear.

Overall it was a really good concert.

And now there’s the RandomBus

I’ve mentioned this on PalmSounds just now but, as I’ve already made a bot called the Wisdom of Pullo and talked about it here a number of times, I thought I’d mention my new one, the RandomBus, which I’ve just launched. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too.

The next installment of the War Doctor is coming on Monday

It’s come around a lot quicker than I expected actually. I did enjoy the first one, although not as much as the BBC’s take on the War Doctor, and that didn’t even have John Hurt in it. So I’m expecting more, a lot more, from this next Big Finish installment. It should be good. There’s no new set up or intro to do, it should be straight into story and that’s that.

Hopefully they’ll deliver.