Discovering people on twitter

I got the latest Discovr app which helps you find people on twitter. I started with my old @PalmSounds twitter ID and found out where it was connected. Quite interesting results really, and quite fun to look at.

Moving forward with LiveView

I posted about LiveView a week or so ago, and it’s taken me a little while to get back to this again. Although I’m only tinkering with it, I think it could have some interesting possibilities.

I quite like the ‘find my phone’ function on it, which just makes the phone vibrate and play a tone and the screen lights up saying ‘Here I am’, which is fun.

Having looked around Google Play for apps for it there seem to be quite a few and doing some interesting stuff, but by far the most appealing is an app or applet that seems to suggest it can be linked to tasker. Now that could be very useful.

Arduino trouble

These are some potentiometers I bought for use with my new Arduino Mega ADK. I got the code into the Arduino IDE and then hit trouble. It appears that with version 1.0 of the Arduino IDE a bunch of headers (or something) have been moved and as a result my code won’t work.

It’s a real pain as I was looking forward to getting this stuff working and talking to Android, but it looks like that might take a while longer now. What a shame.

App revisit: Flourish

Flourish is quite old now, but was a great idea and is still an interesting idea for a sequencer app irrespective of what platform it’s on.

It works as a circular pattern. An idea that’s been used a number of times before, but always in a slightly different implementations. Flourish is very nice implementation in my view. It is simple enough for a relatively non-musical user to enjoy, but allows enough complexity to be build up to create interesting compositions.

Flourish - Explore and Create Limited