Processing arrives for iOS

A brief play with Processing JS for iOS will tell you that it is very definitely a version 1.0. Having said that, I think it’s a good start and even though I’ve only messed around with it a little so far, but it is possible to get stuff up and running very fast.

This is processing JS and not processing. For me that meant that I’m not as familiar with this version as I am with the regular flavour of processing. Even so, I fiddled with the sample sketch and got it to do a few different things already.

I’m really hoping that this app gets some more functionality soon. Things like a way to export or email the code out would be handy, and a reference manual that’s on the device / app and isn’t just on the web. That would be good.

Starting out with Basic4PPC

It is pretty retro I know, but it is sort of fun to mess around with things like Basic4ppc to see what I can make. Having said that there is the small problem of what actually to make using b4ppc.

You can’t really make any worthwhile music app with this language, and it isn’t too useful for anything net related. So, what should I make with it?

Where are the monotrons?

I’ve been waiting ages for the two new monotrons to arrive, but so far nothing, at least nothing at a reasonable price anyway. A few retailers have them on at £100, but I’m not willing to pay that much for them. I’m aiming to pay around £50 each for them.

Of course the big problem with these is that I wonder if I’ll get them and then never use them, or hardly ever use them and it’ll just be a waste of cash. I rarely use my original monotron now, so maybe I should get that out and give it a go again before I spend out on two new ones?

There’s a Microbe in my 3G

Now I’ve got the excellent Microbe running under StyleTap on my old iPhone 3G. Of course, the original version of Microbe was built to run on a much less powerful device, so in theory it should do quite well. Next I need to get the big one up and running.

Bhajis Loops.