Getting apps into iDroid (2)

This wasn’t something I thought would run under iDroid. It is a very simple app. All that happens is some balls float around the screen. The significant thing is that I made it in Processing, so I didn’t think it would work at all on the emulated version of iDroid, but it did!

Getting apps into iDroid (1)

Well it isn’t all plain sailing with iDroid of course, I’ve had quite a few problems getting things to load in it, although some things are just fine.

The one app I really wanted to get running on iDroid was Tasker, which is one of the most excellent Android apps ever in my book. However, I just get this:

Which is of course no fun at all. I may do some research on this, but my guess is that this isn’t going to be readily fixable.

Will it snow?

Everyone says it’s going to snow this weekend and to be fair we haven’t had the heavy snow like last year so perhaps it is overdue.

However, having checked the met office web site several times there no heavy snow predicted so I do wonder what all the fuss is about.

I guess people just love the whole thing of talking about it and anticipating it.