Remembering Elizabeth Sladen today

She would have been 66 years old today. We remember a wonderful actress who made a huge contribution to British Science Fiction and was brilliant in Doctor Who and her own excellent series.

She is missed.

GuitarJack and iShred LIVE!

I do like iShred LIVE! And the other day I got it working with GuitarJack 2. I like iShred LIVE! because some of the effects in it are quite unusual and aren’t what you find in other effects simulations.

The upshot is I’ve ended up buying loads of in-app purchase units on apps all over the place. I’m sure it’ll be worth it though.

Sound Design in Mixtikl

To say that Mixtikl is a music app with a great deal of depth would be a massive understatement. Most recently I’ve been getting into the sound design capabilities of Mixtikl. You’d think that this might be difficult on an iPhone. But it isn’t. In fact, once you’ve got the hang of it, the sound design screens are actually quite easy to work with.

What you can achieve with Mixtikl is actually amazing, and the more I do with it, the more I realise that it can do.

And more Jasuto

I just love playing with stuff in Jasuto Pro. It’s so good for experimenting with ideas. Even when they just don’t work at all.

My latest idea for Jasuto was a total failure. Which was great as it made me think of something else which was quite interesting to toy with.