Goodbye January

Seems odd that January is over already. It seemed to go very quick, and I’m not sure that I got nearly as much done in it as I had intended to. Still, I think on the whole it wasn’t too bad. February looks like it might be quite cold if the last few days are anything to go by. I wonder how 2012 will pan out.

One day at a time I guess.

Sylvian Tour cancelled

I tweeted this yesterday, but it is still really on my mind. What a massive shame. Of course, I hope he does get better soon, and I hope that the dates get re-scheduled, but that can be a logistical nightmare.

Still, there’s a new retrospective of his work coming out in Feb, so I’ll have to just wait for that and the one or two tracks on there that I don’t have already.

Martyn Bennett

Every year I remember Martyn, who’s amazing talent was taken from the world far too early. I only have this album of his. It’s an amazing album and an amazing idea for an album.

Take a listen. You won’t regret it.

Working on the Tabletop

The Retronyms pulled out an amazing app when they introduced Tabletop last year. It isn’t like any other modular environment on the iPad, but so far I haven’t had much, if any, chance to do anything with the newer modules.

So my plan is to get that sorted out very soon.

Galaxy Quest

Some days you need to watch a great old film on a Sunday just to get cheered up over going back to work after the weekend. Tonight’s timeless classic is the ever amazing “Galaxy Quest”.

What a lovely little film. Funny but not in a cruel way. A wonderful film, great performances, a lovely story. I love it. Does it show?

Remembering Martyn Bennet

Whilst I didn’t know him really, I mark this day every year. Remembering the passing of a great musical talent.

I shall listen to ‘Grit’ by Martyn later today.

More making stuff with Jasuto

The more I get into Jasuto, the more ideas I have for using it. That’s not to say that it is perfect of course, there are always areas that could be improved, but you can say that with any software.

Jasuto is perfectly useful as it is, but it would be great to see it updated sometime soon.