Playing with Nodebeat

I haven’t played with Nodebeat for ages now, and I don’t think I’d used any of the latest features, so today I put that right, and I’m very pleased that I did too.

Nodebeat is an excellent music making app and has come a very long way since the first release. I used both the create and listen modes, and both are well worth a try out.


Sequencing Jasuto

Getting Jasuto to do interesting things is actually not that difficult at all. As a music app for experimenting with ideas it is brilliant. The more I use it, the more I find more ways to use it.

I do hope that there is a new version on the way with scripting and more. It hasn’t been updated for a long time now.

I hate it when something is lost

I’ve been trying to find the registration code for an old Palm application that I’d like to put into my StyleTap emulator on my old 3G. The company that made the software are long gone, and so far I can’t locate the registration details from anywhere.

It looks like I’ll have to give up on it for now at the very least, but it is really annoying!