The TC doesn’t like rDrum

I”m not sure that the old Tungsten C is quite as ok as I thought. I tried to run this app on it, and after the start up screen, this is what I got. Then the TC decided that it needed a full reboot.

It’s not about the numbers

When I was writing Palm Sounds I took the decision, or rather the intention not to use analytics like google analytics as I realised that if you’re writing about something you love then why are you looking at the numbers all the time?

When google put an analytics module into blogger I lapsed a little and couldn’t help myself in checking the stats, but it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t really know intuitively myself. I think that unless you’re running a business of some kind those stat counters do nothing but discourage you or make you wonder who is reading and why.

I’m trying hard not to look at the stats on this site as for the most part I have no interest in them.

So if you’re reading this then please enjoy the site. I’ve no idea that you’re here.

A side order of Instagram

In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve put in a feed from my instagram account in the sidebar.

I like instagram. You can find some great shots and see some really interesting pictures.