Palm OS apps I never finished: bleepLAB

This was almost certainly a way too ambitious project when I started it, and even now I’m not entirely sure what my intention was. As you can see from the pictures I seem to have spent more time developing the nice little dialogues for the app than the app itself, but I think that says a lot about my motivations.

Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a second try at some point. Maybe…

Sinewave / Bacterium

I didn’t make either of these, although I think that I may have compiled them under HB++, a now defunct IDE for Palm OS development.

The Sinewave app was from Olivier and was meant as a learning aid for those wishing to develop Palm OS audio apps.

Bacterium was something that was being developed (I can’t remember by whom) and, as often happens, got stalled. Both late examples of Palm OS music making apps.

Romo on the way

I got an email from the lovely people who are making Romo to tell me that I should expect my kit in the next few weeks. Really can’t wait to get my hands on it at last. You can expect lots of pictures and probably videos too once it arrives.

Finding old Palm OS apps I’d started to make

In reviving the Tungsten C I discovered an SD card that I must have forgotten about. It had a load of test builds of Palm OS apps that I started years ago and never finished, but it’s interesting to go back and look at them. A few are even partially functional too.

What I love to see is the icons I made for them. My favourite being tDrum2, sQeeQ, and SliderOn in the picture above. Of these only one actually works, but I’ll take more pictures of the apps and show you what I mean. More soon.