Jasuto Pro and Thingamagoop

The other day I was messing around with my Thingamagoop and 2 monotrons, and of course recorded the output. I then tried working with it as sample data in Jasuto Pro, which I think worked quite well.

What I might do is put together all of the different treatments of this recording in a single soundcloud set at some point this week(-ish).

Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer - Chris Wolfe

Why is there a baby hedgehog in this PDA?

And more to the point, what does it do? Good question. Well it was a demo app from what was to be a replacement OS for the Palm PDA. Sadly it never came to anything, but I still have the demo apps/applets that were around and every now and then I get one of them going to try and remember what it is that they actually do.

Baby hedgehog is a lot like that. Every time I come to use it I can’t really remember what it is that is does.

I still wish that there had been a replacement OS for Palm which was just for music, but that’s never going to happen now sadly. But if you want to know more about Capers, look here.

True Grit

I’d been waiting to see the remake of True Grit for a long time, and last night I finally got round to it. Sadly it was a big disappointment. Or that is to say that it was a big disappointment for me. I didn’t like the changes to the story and the way the ending was changed.

Overall it seemed to be a darker story than the original, with less hope in it, and I think that’s a mistake. Still, it’s just my opinion, and most of all it made me want to see the original again, which I really should own.