Making a Lumiphone

One of the things I wanted to do a lot more of this year was make stuff, kits, gadgets, whatever, and I’ve got started at last. I made my lumiphone kit. I soldered it all up and it works!

So far so good, I’ll be moving on to my next project in a week.

MIDI experiments

For some reason I got it into my head that I should attempt to get a old Palm OS PDA to output MIDI into my Yamaha MU15 tone module and then record that using an iPhone 3G and Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

Well first off it didn’t work at all. I tried multiple Palm cradles, MIDI cables and was about to give up until I decided to try a different old PDA. Guess what? It worked first time. That is to say that it worked in terms of getting MIDI out of the PDA and into the MU15. After that the iPhone/MIDI mobilizer combo didn’t want to record from the MIDI out. The MU15 doesn’t have a thru port so I doubt I can get around that.

Anyway, the 2nd PDA was a success, but I still don’t know what the first one (a TRG Pro) stubbornly refuses to put MIDI through it’s serial port. I guess I’ll just have to do some research on it, but it’s not like it’s something I can contact the manufacturer about is it!

Just so you know, the TRG Pro is the grey device and the black one is the IIIxe which actually works.

Back to bleep!BOX

I remember when bleep!BOX first came out. It was completely amazing. 4 mono synths, and 6 drum synths all in your iPhone. Wow!

So I decided to go back to it yesterday and see if I could make something and actually finish it this time, and apart from being quite surprised that I could still remember my way around on the whole I got something started which I’m really quite pleased with. It isn’t finished as yet, maybe I’ll wrap it up next week, but so far I think it’s pretty good.

And even though this app’s been around in iOS world for quite some time I still think it is pretty amazing and full of possibilities.

bleep!BOX - White Noise Audio Software