iPad 3 announcement next week?

So Apple have posted details of their much rumoured 7th of March event. It looks like an iPad 3 event to me, and not before time. In fact the only thing I really want answered is how long before I can actually get one? I most certainly don’t want to wait for months like with iPad 1, and what I’d really like to hear is something like ‘… and they’re available or order now with immediate shipping’, now that would be wonderful.

Aside from that I’m actually not too fussed about what’s in the next model. I’m sure it’ll be faster, with more memory, maybe a better camera and a retina display. I can’t think of anything else that’s been rumoured. I’d love to hear that they’ve brought something really amazing in the 3rd generation iPad. Something really unexpected, but I’ll settle for getting one quick as my iPad 2 is really unusable now, which is a real shame and I’m really missing it.

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