iCloud troubles

I love how Apple always tells you how much all their products and services make life easier. Well not always! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had terrible trouble with iCloud. To the extent that it’s deleted all of my calendars, forced me to change passwords all over the place too.

Not much fun at all. Not in any way. Thanks so much Apple.

Happy (belated) Birthday Apple

So Apple is 40 now, or at least a few days ago anyway. It’s somewhat amazing to think they’ve been around that long. However, it’s great to know that 40 can be quite so cool. That makes me feel good anyway. I hope that they keep making cool stuff. Of late I’ve found that their stuff hasn’t been quite as reliable as it used to be. I’d like to think that they’ll continue to be innovative. I think it’s been hard to innovate in the mobile space for a while, but that’s what they need to do, that’s what the market needs.

So I saw an Apple Watch …

And after all that it just wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. It was also thicker than I thought it might be. I’m just not sure that it is for me right now. I also think that the price for a reasonable model is too high right now. It might come down, it might not, and I’m not sure that Apple will want to replicate the same update cycle as their other hardware. People just don’t replace and update their watches with the same frequency. Or maybe Apple wants to change that too.

Anyway, for now I’m going to see how things pan out with my Pebble Time.

Considering the Apple Watch

I’m somewhat sceptical about the new Apple Watch. Part of me wants one, but part of me thinks it’s going to be better to wait for the next iteration, just as with the iPhone and the iPad. The first version is ok, but it’s a starting block, something for Apple to build on.

Also, as I’ve backed the Pebble Time I think it’s best that I wait this out. See what comes next. Of course, the one thing that’ll change my mind is a really amazing app or use case for the device. I’m half expecting that to arrive much sooner than I’d like, but we’ll see.

Thoughts about the iPad 3

So I’ve had my iPad 3 for a few days now, and of course it is lovely and all that. So what’s great about it? Well, for me, the best thing about it is that it isn’t broken. My iPad 2 had a smashed screen which meant it was almost completely unusable for the last 2 and a half months. The iPad 3 is lovely from that perspective.

Aside from that it feels very similar. The screen is better, there’s no doubt about that, and whilst that’s great to have it adds little in terms of functionality for any music app, which is one of my main uses of the device. The camera is better so I’m told, but as I never really used the camera it doesn’t make much difference to me either.

So, whilst I’m glad to have a functioning iPad again I can’t say that the 3rd generation unit has overwhelmed me really. I think there was more that Apple could have done to make this an innovative device, but perhaps they’re saving that for another time.

So, the iPad 3 arrives, but it isn’t the iPad 3

In many ways I’m pleased. It is after all, just a speed bump. They’ve upgraded a bunch of stuff, it’s faster, more memory etc etc. Nice. But nothing revolutionary in this iteration, and that’s fine with me. I think it is like the 3GS was to the 3G. The next iPad will be a significant upgrade. I hope to anyway. For now, I’ll try to order this one if I can even get onto the Apple store.

iPad 3 announcement next week?

So Apple have posted details of their much rumoured 7th of March event. It looks like an iPad 3 event to me, and not before time. In fact the only thing I really want answered is how long before I can actually get one? I most certainly don’t want to wait for months like with iPad 1, and what I’d really like to hear is something like ‘… and they’re available or order now with immediate shipping’, now that would be wonderful.

Aside from that I’m actually not too fussed about what’s in the next model. I’m sure it’ll be faster, with more memory, maybe a better camera and a retina display. I can’t think of anything else that’s been rumoured. I’d love to hear that they’ve brought something really amazing in the 3rd generation iPad. Something really unexpected, but I’ll settle for getting one quick as my iPad 2 is really unusable now, which is a real shame and I’m really missing it.