Dr Who: Scapegoat

This weekend I’ve managed to get some time to listen to more Dr Who audio CDs which is great. I started off with Scapegoat from season 3 of the 8th Doctor stories.

Scapegoat is a standard Dr Who story. What do I mean by that? Well, there’s no story arc that it is part of, there’s no real links to any creatures in the Who universe, it is just a story. In a way I like that, and in another I don’t.

On the one hand it is good just to get a simple story out there and hear it and that’s it. On the other hand I do like the big story arc and so when there’s a story that doesn’t really move it on it can feel like it doesn’t contribute to the season as a whole. Having said all of that it was a good story and I did like it.

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