Why didn’t Thunderbirds work as a remake?

As I’m watching this right now I thought I’d share some thoughts on the reasons why it didn’t work as a 21st Century franchise. The original series was brilliant. There’s no doubt about that, and actually the 2004 version had a lot of good points. It had a good cast (Lady Penelope and Parker were brilliant in fact), some great special effects and  the story wasn’t too bad either.

But where they went wrong in my opinion, is in trying to move away from the central thrust of the story. They tried to make the children an integral part of the story instead of it just being about disasters and awesome machines. I think that if they’d stuck to the formula it would have had a much better chance.

It’s a shame really as I think it would have made a good franchise really, but it wasn’t to be.

Wash out

Some days things just don’t go to plan. This weekend fits that description very well indeed. I had loads of things planned, and the chance of doing any of them = 0.

I guess that sometimes things just don’t go your way and you have to accept it, but weekends are precious and when they don’t work out it feels like a very big let down.

Still, get over it, move on, etc etc …

Inception and the oscars

Why is it that science fiction films don’t do well with awards? Ok, this year, pretty much everything has gone to the King’s Speech. Fine, it is a landmark film. I get it. But even so, sci-fi films just don’t win so much.

Now I can understand it when it is films where the special effects are more important than the story, but what about films like Inception and District 9? Inception was a great film with great concepts and performances too. As for District 9 it was incredible.

Things to look forward to in March

There’s quite a few things I’m looking forward to in March to be fair. Here’s a selection:

  1. New Blancmange album is going to be released
  2. I’m going to see Blancmange live
  3. A new Human league album is coming, who knows what it will be like
  4. John Foxx and the Maths bring out their new album (I’ve got it on order already)

There’s a few more too, but that lot is worth waiting for if nothing else. Lots of new music coming. Excellent.