Remembering Martyn Bennett

Martyn was an amazing musician. I only have one of his albums, but I I love some of the tracks on it, and it is very special indeed. Today in 2005 he died.

I didn’t know him. I only exchanged emails with him once but his music is and was amazing and unique.

If you want to know more about his work then look here.

ZX81 Museum

I used to have a ZX81 and I wish I hadn’t got rid of it now. What an amazing little computer, and how much you could do with 1k of memory!

I’m glad to see that the ZX81 museum is a really well curated little site. I found quite a lot of stuff on there that I’ve had in the past.

These days I only have a ZX81 emulator on my Android phone. I must do some more bits and pieces with that soon.

Listening to radio 4 in the morning

I listen to the radio each morning when I get up during the week, but not so much at the weekend. Today was a bit different though. I listened to BBC Radio 4 all morning and really enjoyed all the little magazine programmes.

It is nice to be both informed and amused during the course of your morning, and I’ve been both today. A really good start to my weekend.

Listening Day: Pop Song

Pop Song is an oddity. I got it on one of those tiny mini CDs you used to be able to get. It is an odd little song, and not, as it’s title suggests, very poppy at all.

However, it is a good song, and contains elements that suggest at some of the work that he went on to do. In some ways it seems to be a sort of experiment for him. Investigating sounds and textures and I like it for that as much as for the song itself.