Listening Day 2: The Ink in the Well

Day 2 of my listening experiment had better results I think. I found it easier to concentrate on the music today although that could be because of the music itself and the mix which I found less distracting.

Interesting that the mix can distract you from the music though, I hadn’t really given that much thought before.

As for the song, I really enjoyed it. ‘The Ink in the Well’ is one of my favourites from that album (Brilliant Trees), and is more upbeat than some of the other material. It is from the 1st side of the album, although that kind of distinction doesn’t really make sense any more. The more poppy set of tracks I guess.

Personally I liked both sides of the album for different reasons, and my next track will be from the more experimental side.

An experiment with iBooks may solve a problem

On New Year’s Eve I decided to experiment with iBooks. I’d never actually bought anything through iBooks so far although I’ve downloaded sample books. I decided that I wanted to give it a go and see if it was worthwhile so I bought a book on Apple’s Dashcode which I’ve been meaning to get into for ages and ages. I’ve made a few widgets in the past but I know you can do loads more with it.

Anyway, having read just a few pages into the ebook I realised that Dashcode might be able to solve one of the issues I’ve been having with Palm Sounds for a while now. I won’t tell you what it is because if I can’t get it to do what I want then I don’t want people’s hope’s up, but if I can it’ll be great.