I was thinking about playing and being playful the other day. I realised that as adults we find it harder to just play and enjoy things rather than doing something for a reason or a purpose, which is a bit of shame really

Children are really good at this as is very obvious, but I’m not so good at it anymore and I think I need to change that a bit and become more child-like, although plenty of people think I am infantile already.

House Concert

I went to a house concert for the first time on saturday night. I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect, but actually I was pleasantly surprised by the event. From what I hear these kind of events are more popular in the US but haven’t really taken off here so far.

Even so, it was a good evening. Nice people, some interesting music that I probably wouldn’t have listened to otherwise, and, not a huge cost to it either.

I’d probably go again if I get the chance, irrespective of what the music is.