More Processing, More Android

Finally got back to using processing again today, and what’s more I actually got a few old sketches running on my Android phone which was a lot of fun. I’m really impressed with how processing for Android converts sketches for the web into something that works well on a small screen.

I’m hoping to not only keep the momentum going with this but also try to make something useful with processing hopefully. We’ll just have to see how that goes. For now it is great to be back making something again.

Dr Who: Scapegoat

This weekend I’ve managed to get some time to listen to more Dr Who audio CDs which is great. I started off with Scapegoat from season 3 of the 8th Doctor stories.

Scapegoat is a standard Dr Who story. What do I mean by that? Well, there’s no story arc that it is part of, there’s no real links to any creatures in the Who universe, it is just a story. In a way I like that, and in another I don’t.

On the one hand it is good just to get a simple story out there and hear it and that’s it. On the other hand I do like the big story arc and so when there’s a story that doesn’t really move it on it can feel like it doesn’t contribute to the season as a whole. Having said all of that it was a good story and I did like it.