A new Sylvian retrospective in Feb

A new Sylvian album. Well, a compilation. A retrospective actually. I looked at the track listing. I’ve got them all except one. So the question is, do I buy it just for the sake of a single song? The answer? Probably.

Listening Day: Pop Song

Pop Song is an oddity. I got it on one of those tiny mini CDs you used to be able to get. It is an odd little song, and not, as it’s title suggests, very poppy at all.

However, it is a good song, and contains elements that suggest at some of the work that he went on to do. In some ways it seems to be a sort of experiment for him. Investigating sounds and textures and I like it for that as much as for the song itself.

Listening Day 13: How Little We Need to be Happy (remix)

This is the remix version from ‘The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter’. I prefer this version to the original and I actually think it is a pretty amazing remix on the whole.

As it goes, the whole remix album is very impressive indeed and I tend to play it more than ‘Blemish’ itself, but then I’ve found this with a few albums in the last few years.