Listening Day 9: Exit / Delete

This is an incredibly beautiful song. I could finish my post about it right there, but there is so much more to this track.

I love the background, how you can hear the sounds of a shopping centre check out in the background. It is such a delicate track and yet quite definite and sure at the same time.

I haven’t tired of listening to this song since the day I first heard it.

Listening Day 7: Darkest Dreaming

Darkest dreaming is, as you’d expect, a fairly dark piece by anyone’s standards, but even so there is a hint of hope in it. The music is sublime and floats around Sylvian’s voice without the two parts ever getting in the way of each other.

The song comes from the album ‘Dead Bees on a Cake’, which is a long listen, but has a lot of good tracks in it. It took me quite a while to appreciate the album, but now I really enjoy it and this is one of the tracks I like the most.

Listening, Day 4: Buoy

I took a bit of a break from this project for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that I was ill, but also because what I really wanted to listen to was some Mick Karn.

Anyway, I’ve got back to it now, and listened to ‘Buoy’ from Mick Karn’s album ‘Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters’. Two tracks from this album featured David Sylvian on vocals and I’ve chosen this one to include in my month of listening to David Sylvian.

I already really liked this song, but listening to it again made me remember what an amazing album it is. When I first listened to it I was completely blown away by it, and I still am. ‘Buoy’ was a single from the album and I bought the 12″ when it came out.

The song is a great mix between two talents. It has an earthy quality that’s emphasised by David’s voice, and it carries you on a musical journey that lilts along somewhere between contentment and melancholia. It is a beautiful song, and I really loved listening to it again.

Listening Day 3: Weathered Wall

Day 3 and this is the last track from Sylvian’s first solo album ‘Brilliant Trees’. Weathered Wall is almost 6 minutes long and is sort of divided into 2 distinct sections. Personally I like the 2nd part of the track much more, it is more musically interesting and is a richer listening experience.

Even though this is in some ways a more difficult track to listen to I found it easier to concentrate on this track whilst I listened to it for some reason. It could be that it is day 3, or it could be the music itself, or it could be a combination of the both. Who knows.