Listening Day 2: The Ink in the Well

Day 2 of my listening experiment had better results I think. I found it easier to concentrate on the music today although that could be because of the music itself and the mix which I found less distracting.

Interesting that the mix can distract you from the music though, I hadn’t really given that much thought before.

As for the song, I really enjoyed it. ‘The Ink in the Well’ is one of my favourites from that album (Brilliant Trees), and is more upbeat than some of the other material. It is from the 1st side of the album, although that kind of distinction doesn’t really make sense any more. The more poppy set of tracks I guess.

Personally I liked both sides of the album for different reasons, and my next track will be from the more experimental side.

Listening Day 1: Red Guitar

So today I started my listening project with David Sylvian’s ‘Red Guitar’. I sat doing nothing but listening with my eyes shut throughout the track. Not a way of listening that I’m used to, but one that had very interesting results.

I found myself drifting from listening and at times visualising the video to the song as well. The mix was intriguing too. As I was so focused on the track I heard the mix in quite a different way.

It wasn’t easy to stay focused on the music, and I did start to think about other things whilst listening, but even so I really enjoyed the experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

As for the track itself I mentioned the mix sounding different which was odd, but aside from that it was very interesting to focus that much attention on just one piece of music and nothing else. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month and the other tracks by Sylvian that I’ve selected to listen to.

More tomorrow.


I’ve only just bought this album as it only came out today. It’s the first album from David Sylvian since his difficult Manafon album.

Although this is a compilation people have already been saying good things about it, so I’m really looking forward to giving it a thorough listen. Probably tomorrow now.

Record Store Day 2018

Last year I skipped record store day as I’d been queuing at Sister Ray Records in Soho for about 3 hours and at the end of the process I’d got 1 7″. That was all. I wasn’t terribly happy about that at all, as you can imagine. So I said to myself that I wouldn’t…


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Little Girls with 99 Lives

I bought this CD EP without ever having heard Ingrid Chavez before. I knew very little about her music I just knew that David Sylvian was on it and I am a long time fan of his.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful this EP is. It starts of in a fairly conventional form and gets progressively more experimental with each track, which is fine with me. However, it never gives up any of the lyrical elegance that struck me when I first listened to it.

Since listening to it several times over the weekend I’ve bought a few more Ingrid Chavez tracks, and her music is really growing on me now.

Ingrid Chavez, Little Girls with 99 lives, signed copy
Ingrid Chavez, Little Girls with 99 lives, signed copy

David Sylvian as a Philosopher

I got this book a week ago and as it’s so short I’ll probably read it very soon. I’m looking forward to it to see just what kind of arguments are made for this. We’ll see.


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